MBLAQ Lee Joon Makes His First Ever Donation to Sewol Victims

Making his first donation ever, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon sent support for the Sewol ferry victims.

On April 24, the Community Chest of Korea shared that Lee Joon donated 10 million won to the ferry victims.

Lee Joon made the donation quietly but it became known when a staff member called for…

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Please don’t crush our oppa!!!!!


The Kingdom of the Winds….have a feeling it is going to be breathtaking like this here man.♡♡


MBLAQ fan challenge ㅡ [1] favourite member: G.O

"My appeal is my good sociability? I’m very outgoing so I can talk to anyone without a frown. For example, when I’m depressed, I will still show a bright image so that the other person won’t know how I truly feel."

MBAQ's handwritten letter


With a national tragedy happening a day before the scheduled event on April 17, MBLAQ unfortunately could not meet with Mwave fans through Mwave Shop’s MEET&GREET. The group was scheduled to greet fans on April 25, but unfortunately, that event was also later canceled.

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MBLAQ getting hit with a ddakbam.
So manly.

Every A+ knows who is the most scared of it.
*Lee Chang Sun baby!


Beautiful, playful Oppa!


Oppa…please forgive us for wanting to rip that vest right off of you! Thankfully, Ssong is there to help keep the situation under control!!! Although he might be in danger, too. <hehehehe>


Handsome G.O from MBLAQ.


Stahp your sensuality pls!

mblaq mv colours

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My partner MinJi knows how much I wuvvvv furry GO! It’s a turn ON!

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